Name: Durk Stark
Address: 1304 Douglas St. Alexandria, MN 56308
Phone: 320-766-9392 Fax:
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 Custom Wingbones By Durk

Few call makers today specialize in making just a single type of call. Durk Stark is one of those unique people. Durk only makes wing bone yelpers and does a great job in doing it. A special education schoolteacher by vocation he makes calls as a side business and hobby. He became interested in making bone yelpers after reading an article in a "Turkey and Turkey Hunting" magazine. During a Thanksgiving family gathering he remembered the article and collected the bones from the turkey that was served for dinner. From these he made his first call and as you might say the rest is history.

Durk's first calls were given way as gifts to friends and landowners that allowed him access. In fact, the first caller he made was even put together backwards. It worked however, and that just added to the fuel he needed to keep him going. Over the years many improvements have been made and today his calls are sold around the country. It was in 1997 that Durk named his call business and now offers his calls under the name "Custom Wingbones by Durk". Although, as I stated, he only makes wing bone yelpers, he does make several different styles.

His tried retail sales of his calls in Scheel's Sports for one year. It became too much mass production. In that year he went through 38 X 40lb cases of turkey wings and hunted only 2 hours that season.

Things had to change. Durk stepped up the quality of his calls. He incorporated copper wire and created a vintage look.

His calls also received attention from the conservation groups. In 2009 Whitetails Unlimited created a piece with artist Jim Kasper for their banquet packages.

In 2010, Ducks Unlimited wanted his World Slam of Wingbones for their banquets. Then in 2011, Durk was honored by the National Wild Turkey Federation and had his call featured in the World Slam Edition for all their banquets.

Durk became friends with artist, Michael Sieve and was influenced by one of Michael's paintings called April's Promise in which a large whitetail shed is featured with 2 toms strutting in the background. Durk was moved by the combination of his two favorite passions and began creating calls made from gnarly whitetail sheds and and wingbones. They have since become his favorite calls to make because of the sculptural quality and fantastic sound.

Durk now resides in Alexandria, MN. He loves to hunt with his family and actively pursues antelope, bear, deer and turkeys with his bow and of course, his wingbone call.




2006 MN NWTF 1st place decorative wingbone division
2006 Midwest National honorable mention decorative wingbone division
2007 MN NWTF 1st place decorative wingbone division
2007 Grand National Call Competition 2nd place best overall display

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